KyprisPeacockBellydanceI’ve been called by many labels over the years — musician, scientist, writer, witch, tantrika, shaman, sacred prostitute, priestess. I created the Six Gateways 10 years ago for my students, who kept asking me for practices they could do to at home after our sessions to improve their sexual connections, heal shame and fear, and relate to their beloveds more deeply.

Over time, the Six Gateways took on a life of their own. They grew and evolved. I used them to help me run my business, raise my son, and ride through the transition of menopause. Today I’m learning to apply them to managing my money, expanding my creative life, and deepening my relationships even further.

Wherever I’ve chosen to apply the Six Gateways, they’ve helped me to understand my journey at a spiritual level, to remove any obstacles on my path, and to find a lasting happiness and contentment within.

Today I’m engaged in creating simpler practices for the Six Gateways that will allow more people to embrace their healing power.

What is a shamanism? For me it’s a deep love of nature that has become spiritual. As a child I felt a deep connection to the plants and animals around me. I was raised in a Christian faith tradition, but felt my closest connection to God underneath a tree. Later I discovered that God could be feminine too, and that the spirits of animals and plants could be a help and support in my life.

What is Tantra? For me it’s a balanced spirituality that includes our bodies and our relationships. For me it demands an attitude of surrender combined with practices that allow me to manage certain parts of my energy body for healing, pleasure, and personal growth.

KundaliniWant to learn more? You can work with me by downloading a learn-at-home product, joining me for an event, or scheduling a private healing session.