The Second Gateway: LOVE

It’s easiest to step into the realm of LOVE when you have a firm connection to SPIRIT, by whatever name you call it.

My own early work with LOVE was to simply open my heart. I came into my 30’s very lonely and isolated. I held everyone at a distance, including my husband, family, and friends. At that time, I had a spiritual experience with the Goddess of Love and Compassion, who told me it was time to open my heart, and to heal my early experiences of neglect and emotional abuse. She showed me that I had made a decision to “armor up”, and that it was time to be reborn into a different life.

Taking a completely new name at that time, over 20 years ago, I dedicated myself to Her work in the world, which included my own healing. Consciously working to remove this protection around my heart. I started learning to be vulnerable. I created practices to help me remove the armor, open to love, and learn to be more happy and loving. After several years I finally reached my “goal” and was walking around with a heart more open than I’d ever had before. Relationships with my mother, ex-husband, oldest friends, current partner, and son all became drastically better and more satisfying.

That’s when She showed me that there was even more to learn. In the realm of LOVE, it’s not just about opening your heart, it’s also about raising your FREQUENCY. Ever notice that being around people who are joyful and positive lifts your energy level? And that being around negative and sad people can make you quite tired? That’s frequency.

There are several practices that I have created and learned over the years to help my clients remove their own armor and raise their frequency. Some examples are: Breathing Love, Heartfulness Meditation, De-Armoring the Heart, and Gratitude. The practice that is right for you will vary.

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