The Fifth Gateway: BALANCE

Once the kundalini awakens, it’s time to channel it using the tools of the four elements. BALANCE is not about having exactly equal amounts of Earth, Air, Fire and Water in your life. As a dear friend used to say, “It’s not tit for tat, it’s who needs what”. In other words, what element is required to bring your Freedom into focus?

When I began my own work with the fifth gateway, I really tried to work my way  through one element at a time. But being a rather high energy, changeable person, it felt funner to blaze through all of them in quick succession.

But the Six Gateways are a Body-Centered path, and when I listened to my body, it told me which element I needed to focus on in that moment. For example, today was a rainy day, and I dove into the realm of Water and the emotions with a vengeance. Waking up with a deep melancholy in my body, I brought that sadness into ceremony. I prayed, cried, meditated, watched the rain, and processed my “stuff”. Eventually I tapped out, and the feeling shifted. When the rain stopped and the sun broke through the clouds, my body dropped into Earth, and practical things. I completed several chores, quietly and slowly moving through an inner calm.

A secret that many people don’t know about BALANCE is that it can also lead to bliss. You can increase the amount of pleasure in your life by traveling through the four elements in succession. There are many practices you can use, including breath, movement, massage, or even sacred lovemaking. 

When you shift the body’s energy to these different wavelengths, it heightens the sensation of pleasure in the body and brain. Maybe it’s because humans are wired for variety. Whatever the case, it’s pure heaven.

When I embarked on this practice, I ran smack into a bliss barrier. I discovered a place where I could not possibly accept more pleasure into my body. Before that I didn’t even know there was a limit! This is when the work of BALANCE became truly interesting–to really ask myself: how much pleasure can I handle?

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