The Sixth Gateway: UNION

All the work of the previous gateways are steps to prepare for the sixth: UNION. When I am in UNION I hear the voice of the divine, I feel its presence in my body, and I willingly act in accordance with its wishes.

I’ve learned that when I see an opening, it’s best if I step into it. Then I walk a few steps, and the next opening is revealed. Being in UNION feels like a spiritual GPS for my whole life.

But UNION isn’t just about blissing out with God, although that’s pretty wonderful. It also gives me access to a whole new level of connection with my fellow beings. I can be in UNION with a tree, an animal, or even the High Self of another human. You know how Snow White is a magnet for all the forest creatures? That’s because she’s in a state of UNION.

A few weeks ago I stepped outside to play the flute under my favorite Pepper Tree. I love this tree because its ancestors hail from Peru, and when I sit there I remember how much I loved visiting Macchu Picchu and learning about shamanism in Cusco. What’s more, playing the flute connects me almost immediately to SPIRIT, opens my heart to LOVE, and helps me embrace my POWER. As I blow the notes, I feel FREEDOM coursing through my body, and I BALANCE my Air and Water elements.

So there I am, blowing my flute under the clear blue sky with the Pepper Tree’s branches waving in the wind, almost in time with my music. And a wild rabbit hops over to me and sits up on its hind legs.

Now if you know anything about California cottontails, you know that they are pretty wild, and don’t care much for being close to humans. This little fella was feeling my energy, and probably a little bit intrigued by the music. I stopped playing and just spoke softly to him. I felt my heart open, and how we share the same skin, both of us covered in fur of a different kind.

He eventually hopped away, but only after long moments of gazing into my eyes. As I held him in my sight, I felt a UNION with the spirit of all rabbits, and I was complete.

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