Journey to Sexual Wholeness: Six Gateways to Sacred Sexuality

Journey_cover_frontFragmentation of our daily lives and the split between sexuality and spirituality are critical problems in our culture. They can lead to tremendous suffering that includes sexual shame, anxiety, depression, and addiction. Journey to Sexual Wholeness shows you how to lead a vibrant life filled with an ecstasy that creates wholeness and cleanses you of past traumas and guilt that have limited your sexual life.

Discover a shamanic path to:

  • Create a spiritual practice for your sexuality
  • Awaken your body to fuller sexual enjoyment
  • Be present fully in lovemaking and in all of life
  • Create deeper connections and satisfaction in your sexual relationships
  • Balance your inner life and create deep serenity
  • Heal spiritual, sexual, and emotional wounds

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Sacred Sexuality Intensive Home Study Course

This advanced step-by-step course expands on the practices in the book, taking you gently through a deeper series of spiritual and sexual exercises designed to help you feel more sexy and vibrant, improve your sexual relationships, connect more deeply with your partner, and heal sexual shame and trauma.

(includes 256 page pdf e-book, audiobook, recorded meditations, PLUS pdf workbook) $80.00